Locking in

After what has felt like a lifetime of waiting (summarised by the equation: bureaucracy + Covid19 = delay + delay), we’ve got the documentation required and have FINALLY been able to book our flights so we’ll be heading out (negative PCR tests dependent) close to the end of the month. The bumbling out-pour of words in that lengthy sentence might give some indication as to just how excited we are about this. We could never have predicted that we would still be in Ireland in March 2021, but we know we’re not alone in seeing some unusual goings-on this last year.

Moving is always complicated and stressful. Moving with a child is more complicated and stressful still. Moving internationally has added complications and stress. And finally, moving internationally during a pandemic is yet more of the above. So we’re chipping away at the ever-present to-do lists (plural), trying to take it one day at a time and attempting to stay focussed on the things that are within our control. Now that flights are booked, we have a deadline and we can be reassured that, one way or another, we will be getting on a plane. Everything that needs to be done will get done by then, because it has to! That is all of the advice that I could give to anyone moving abroad: it’ll all get done because it has to. I hope I don’t come to regret saying that.

We’ll get on that metal tube and 13 hours later we should arrive on the island that is to be our new home. Whether or not those 13 hours are hell for us and our fellow passengers (as we attempt to explain to a toddler with the new-found ability to walk that leaving your seat is not really permitted) remains to be seen but the time and miles should still continue to pass in spite of what happens throughout.

Here’s to getting moving; avante!